New Diabetes Drug Seems Promising

An experimental diabetes drug appears to be promising in terms of reducing blood sugar levels to the same extent as an older generic medicine with fewer side effects, according to new research.
The University of Michigan Medical School discovered that the drug, known as TAK-875, helps improve blood sugar control as effectively as the sulphonylurea glimepiride, a drug commonly used in diabetes treatment .
It is significantly lowers the risk of hypoglycaemia, or low blood sugar, and has few side effects, according to the results of a phase 2 randomised trial of 426 type 2 diabetic patients,
TAK-875 lowered blood sugar below a pre-determined level by 48 per cent over 12 weeks, compared to a 40 per cent for those who got the older drug glimepiride.
The incidence of hypoglycaemia was also lower, only two per cent, for all doses of TAK-875 compared with glimepiride, 19 per cent.