Many Going Without Essential Diabetes Check Ups

In 2010, over 8,500 diabetics in Leicester did not get possibly life-saving checks.
Primary care trust, NHS Leicester City did not offer these tests to 31 per cent of its diabetic patients. Nonetheless, it is better than the national average of 33 per cent.
National Diabetes Audit for England figures highlight that around 1.3 million diabetics may be missing out on these essential check ups.
This finding of course emphasises the need for improvement in this area, in order that diabetics manage their condition effectively, without putting their lives at risk.
Diabetics receiving the tests they need safeguards their health, saves the primary care trust time and money by the prevention of more diabetics being hospitalised with possibly life threatening complications.
It is crucial that diabetics have nine different health checks per annum in order to ensure that their condition is properly managed.
These checks include ones for blood sugar levels, foot and eye and hypertension tests in order to prevent serious complications of diabetes like kidney failure, blindness and heart problems. It is said that 80 per cent of amputations as a result of diabetes are preventable with right care and management.