Study Relates Stroke Risk to Diabetes Duration

The longer the duration a person has had diabetes the greater the risk of getting a stroke, according to the findings of a new study.
Researchers have discovered that diabetes heightens stroke risk by 3 per cent every year and has tripled the risk for diabetics for 10 years or more, in contrast to non diabetics .
The findings stress the chronic nature of this condition and that it damages the blood vessels in time.

Stroke rates have been dropping on the whole, however, the increase in diabetes over the same period of time could lead to a higher overall stroke problem in the future.

Prior research studied the relationship of diabetes and stroke in women. However, this is the first one of its kind which has examined whether or not the length of time a man or woman has type 2 diabetes affect their risk of ischemic stroke.

An ischemic stroke is the most usual kind of stroke caused by blocked blood flow to the brain. Diabetes is known to be a risk factor for stroke, however, it’s the impact of its duration is unclear.

Researchers followed 3,298 people aged on average 69 who had not had a stroke.
Almost 22 percent of participants had type 2 diabetes when the studied began. Nine years on, another ten per cent had developed diabetes.

Given other risk factors, researchers stated there had been an increase in the risk of stroke.